Friday, June 8, 2012

Gladiator: Fight for Freedom by Simon Scarrow-ESSENTIAL

Scarrow, Simon. Gladiator: Fight for Freedom.  272 pgs.  Hyperion Book, 2012.  $16.99. Language- PG, Mature Content- G, Violence- PG.

This book is about a boy whose father was an old centurion who did a good deed for the king and saved the king’s life.  In return, his father was able to get one free slave from the king’s army.  He chose a woman and married her.  They had a child named Marcus.  Marcus helped his father fight off soldiers and was captured.  How will Marcus escape and free his family?  I liked this book because the main character was about my age and I felt like I was living his life.  It was an easy read.  There is a lot of action to keep you interested.  

EL, MS -  ESSENTIAL.  Student Reviewed: ML- age 13.   

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