Thursday, September 5, 2019

Around the World in 80 Maps by Clare Hibbert - ADVISABLE

Around the World in 80 Maps by Clare Hibbert, 96 pages. NON FICTION. Firefly Books, 2017. $20. 9780228100102



The British Library has a lot of maps, many of them centuries old. This delightful journey through maps of the world (as represented mostly by European mapmakers) dates each map, tells where or by whom it was made, and what it is a map of. Lots of text boxes or other small bites of information. Includes a map of Dresden Germany (used by Allied bomber pilot during WWII) a map of Scandinavia from 1570, Mount Everest from 1930, a 16th century map of Japan and Korea, even a map of New York City from the 1770's.

 What an interesting way to look at 80+ different examples of maps (some examples contain an additional map or two)! Besides the standard information, there are also things to find, current information about the place (Area, population etc), interesting things to know - either about the place, the map or something else. This is the kind of book you can open anywhere and have an interesting few minutes with whatever pages you see, or can devour it one map at a time, searching for the suggested finds - and more! This book would make a great gift - along with a magnifying glass, and I'm showing it to my 9th grade geography teacher!

Lisa Librarian

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