Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Nevergirls: Into the Waves (Book #11) by Kiki Thorpe -OPTIONAL

Thorpe, Kiki The Nevergirls: Into the Waves (Book #11), 192 pages. Random House , 2016. $5.99.  Content: Language: G (0 swears) Mature Content: G Violence: G
Mia, Lainey, Kate, and Gabby go to Neverland together to show off Lainey’s new pet goldfish. But when the fish escapes into the river, they go on a rescue mission. It’s a very dangerous journey and the girls take along a fairy who can speak to underwater creatures. Will they find the fish before its too late?
This is probably my least favorite in the series, with the swamp and the growing danger to the girls. Although the girls have been sneaking off to go to Neverland for 10 books now, this one felt the most devious, with them taking a boat and going into quite a bit of danger. Also there is a fairy without wings, but its never explained how the fairy lost her wings, which I think will frustrate readers. In the school library there are very few series I buy past book five or so, I think this would be similar.

EL(K-3), EL  – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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