Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monster land by Michael Cash - ADVISABLE

Cash, Michael Phillip Monsterland, 223 pgs. Michael Phillip Cash, 2015. $9.99.  Language: PG-13 (35 swears, 2 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG; Violence PG-13.

Cross monsters with Jurassic Park, and you have Monsterland!  A horrifying plague has broken out, turning people into zombie like creatures that feed off any kind of flesh as they slowly deteriorate.  World leaders have had to put these citizens into confinement camps to protect the rest of the population.  Enter Vincent Conrad, scientist and problem solver.  He has come up with the brilliant idea of putting zombies into a theme park so that they can be studied so a cure can be found and they can also be humanely taken care of.  This also goes for random groups of werewolves and vampires.  Wyatt, Melvin and Howard, nerdy high school friends, and Wyatt’s younger brother, Josh get primo passes to the grand opening.  The president, celebrities, and world leaders are going to attend.  The park’s grand opening is anything but dull and the park’s dark secrets could prove deadly.  

The book is a fun and quick read though a bit predictable.  There is no sex, but the monsters can be a bit violent.

MS, HS - ADVISABLE.  Michelle in the Middle

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