Saturday, July 9, 2016

Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss - ADVISABLE

Dr. Seuss Daisy-Head Mayzie, PICTURE BOOK. Random House Children's Books. 2016 Reprint. $17.99. Content: G. 

Mayzie is shocked when a Daisy is all of a sudden found growing out of her head! Her teacher, classmates, the principal, and many others try to help her get rid of it. She learns many things about the daisy and about herself along the way. 

This book is filled with updated illustrations from the 1994 edition as well as a few new characters and plot twists. It makes a great addition to any library. Daisy is a very lovable little girl that teaches us all a thing or two about love and acceptance. 

EL - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Amy Hanson, Elementary Teacher.

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