Monday, July 1, 2013

The Shadow Society by Marie Rukoski- ADVISABLE

Rutkoski, Marie. The Shadow Society, 408 pgs. Farr Straus Giroux, 2012. $17.99. Language G (0 swears, 0 ‘f’), Sexual Content PG, Violence PG-13.

Darcy Jones was abandoned outside of a Chicago firehouse when she was five, and cannot remember any of her life before that point. When a mysterious boy shows up at her school, Darcy begins to remember weird things from her past that don’t make any sense. When Conn shows interest in her, Darcy is surprised, sometimes he acts like they are friends, and then other times he looks at her like she’s his enemy. 

I enjoyed this book. It’s pretty slow in the beginning and I struggled to get into it, but it eventually picks up and you become interested in seeing what’s going to happen to Darcy next. 

MS, HS – ADVISABLE. Reviewer: AL

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