Sunday, July 7, 2013

City of the Dead Galveston Hurricane 1900 by Neill T. Anderson - Advisable

Anderson, T. Neill City of the Dead Galveston Hurricane 1900, 130 pgs. Charlesbridge Publishing Company, 2013. $16.95.  Content: PG (some disturbing descriptions) 

On September 8, 1900 the city of Galveston Texas was in the path of a tremendous hurricane resulting in the deadliest natural disaster in American history.  This historical fiction dramatizes what may have happened to many of the victims and survivors on that day, including the children in St. Mary’s Orphanage.  

Complete with maps and pictures from the era, as well as an explanation by the author of his source material, this would make a good independant read for students interested in weather, or natural disasters.  This is part of the Horrors of History series EL OPTIONAL MS ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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