Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Market Bowl by Jim Averbeck - ADVISABLE

Averbeck, Jim  The Market Bowl. Charlesbridge, 2013. PICTURE BOOK.

Yoyo is too excited about sitting on the seller's stool for the first time to take the proper care in preparing her first pot of bitterleaf stew for market. When a stranger offers less for a bowl of her stew than what people have been paying for her mother's, she refuses his price and angers the spirit of the market, Brother Coin. How can she restore his blessing?

With vibrant colors and patterns on each page, and an encounter with Brother Coin that requires Yoyo's patience, hard work, and cleverness to gain his blessing, the author conveys a slice of Cameroon life and traditions intriguingly. The end of the book includes a recipe for bitterleaf (spinach) stew, and some facts about Cameroon.

EL - ADVISABLE. reviewed by PKFoster, teacher-librarian

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