Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Perfect Home for a Family by David Harrison - OPTIONAL

Harrison, David A Perfect Home for a Family, PICTURE BOOK. Holiday House, 2013.  $16.95. Content: G. 

Mama and Papa Raccoon need a new place to live.  Their neighbors all have new children and their tree has gotten much too noisy.  They finally settle on a nice, quiet, roomy attic space.  Unfortunately, their basement begins to be noisy as well (the humans in the house are just as loud as their old neighbors were).  With their old tree vacated, Mama and Papa are free to move back in.  

This is a simple, sweet story.  It is straightforward with a new enough concept to keep it interesting.  The illustrations are well done and the story wraps up well. 

El (K-3)-OPTIONAL.  Reviewed by: Shay, School Librarian

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