Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby - ADVISABLE

Barnaby, Hannah Wonder Show, 274 pgs. Houghton Mifflin, 2012. $16.99. Language: (10 swears, 0”f”) Mature Content PG; Violence PG: 

Portia’s dad has run away (to the circus) and Aunt Sofia has sent her away to the McGreavey Home for Wayward Girls.  When Mister’s actions and her best friend’s death make things unbearable, Portia runs away in search of her father and finds work with The Wonder Show, a side show attraction of “Freaks” traveling with a circus.  Will Mister find her before her dad does?  Portia is a determined, strong young woman. 

The performers in the freak show are treated both by the author and the characters in the story with respect.  The reader is given an inside look at these people, their lives behind the exhibits and how they survive as “attractions”.  Occasionally, Barnaby changes the point of view of the story and has a character tell a chapter in their own words, this could be confusing to less experienced readers.

MS/HS - Advisable. Reviewer: Lisa Media Specialist

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