Thursday, November 15, 2012

If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen –OPTIONAL

Van Dusen, Chris If I Built a House 32 pgs. Dial, 2012. $10.19  (Rating: G)
Jack wants to design his own home, and his mom and dog come on a tour of his imagination. There is a robotic kitchen, trampolines, and even an elevated bedroom with glass walls –the ideas becoming more and more fantastical.
There was something so reminiscent of the old Jetson’s Cartoon that it sort of spoiled this for me. I find myself torn between the desire to go along with the whole dream big and be creative theme and my disgust with the idea of promoting always wanting more and more possessions, technology, and bigger fancier houses. That being said, the very modern cartoon-like artwork will be a draw for students, and I am not totally opposed to inspiring future architects.
EL – OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie School Librarian & Author.

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