Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unbroken by Paula Morris - ADVISABLE

Morris, Paula Unbroken (a Ruined novel), 304 p. Point (Scholastic), FEBRUARY 2013.  $18.  

It’s been a year since Rebecca survived the incident in the New Orleans cemetery.  Now a new ghost has contacted Rebecca and he needs her help – back in New Orleans.  Luckily Dad is taking Rebecca and her best friend, Ling, to New Orleans for spring break.  Rebecca is happy to go, but a little worried, because things haven’t been great between her and Anton.  But someone wants revenge for last year’s death and a vengeful ghost will do anything to stop Rebecca from helping the blue-eyed boy.  And Anton wants nothing to do with another ghost.  This may tear Rebecca and Anton apart for good – if she can survive that long.  While Dark Souls (the 2nd Ruined novel) was good, this one brings as back to New Orleans and Rebecca – so much more satisfying.  The ghostly bits are really well written and the tension is palpable.  Yum!  

MS, HS – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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