Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rise of the Guardians: The Story of Jack Frost - OPTIONAL

McDoogle, Farrah  Rise of the Guardians: The Story of Jack Frost  Illustrated by Larry Navarro  Simon Spotlight, 2012.  $3.99  PICTURE BOOK  Content: PG.   

Jack Frost is a young boy who didn’t remember his past, but knew how to use his magical staff to create snow and frost in the world.  At first he used his magic to cause mischief and fun, but when the Guardians enlisted his help he started working for the good of children.  The Guardians include Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and the Sandman.  Jack Frost along with his new friends has to fight against Pitch (the boogeyman) because he stole all children’s memories.  The Guardians prevail against Pitch in a final battle.  

This book is a quick summary based on a movie and doesn’t have a lot of story development.  The illustrations of Pitch are dark and menacing, a little too scary for my 3 year old.  It’s an interesting enough story, but the overall quality of this particular book isn’t great.  

EL (K-3)-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson

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