Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man (A World of Reading Level 2) by Thomas Macri –ADVISABLE

Macri, Thomas The Amazing Spider-Man (A World of Reading Level 2) 32 pgs. Marvel Press, 2012. $3.99  (Rating: G)
Peter Parker is just a normal teen, until a mutated spider bites him. Now he can climbs walls, just like a spider. He made his own glue and a way to shoot it –designed to mimic a spider web. He learns an important lesson when tragedy strikes.
The illustrations are actually pretty good in this Early Reader book. I think students will be surprised when they read that Peter Parker spider powers didn't naturally include web shooting –that it was something he made himself. I believe this follows the traditional comic story. An interesting old-school twist that will catch student’s attention.  
EL – ADVISABLE Reviewer: Stephanie School Librarian & Author.

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