Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DRAMA by Raina Telgemeier - ADVISABLE

Telgemeier, Raina DRAMA, 233 pgs. Scholastic, 2012. $23.99 Language: G (0 swears 0 “F”) Mature Content G; Violence G. 

When Eucalyptus Middle School is preparing for their spring musical, 7th grader Callie is chosen to design the sets. She also has designs on the brother of her stage crew partner, but he likes someone else! When a pair of acting/singing twins complicate things (a lot!) Callie has to work very hard to make sure the curtain goes up on time, the cannon makes a big boom and she has a date to the 8th grade formal.  

This graphic novel is ideal for the upper elementary/middle school “drama geek!”  Full of theater references, the star struck and the divas will enjoy this glimpse at middle school show business. 

 EL/MS - ADVISABLE Reviewer Lisa Drama Teacher/Media Specialist

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