Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Dying Breath by Alane Ferguson

Ferguson, Alane The Dying Breath, 232 p. Viking (Penguin), 2009. Violence: PG-13 (forensic science), Language: PG (5 swears).

Cameryn would like to believe that Kyle O’Neill is dead, but her luck just can’t be that good. Three new murders in town and a note for Cameryn prove that Kyle is very much alive and just as obsessed with her as ever. Everyone around Cam wants to protect, including Justin, the hunky deputy sheriff, but Cam is determined to play this her own way, even if it means she may end up dying. This looks like it may be the last book in the series. For kids who love forensic mysteries, this has been a great series. I don’t think the mystery as quite as tight in this one, but the deaths are not main focus hear –staying alive when you are stalked by a psychopath is. So, hang on and enjoy the ride!

MS, HS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher

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