Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

Peeler, Nicole Tempest Rising, 368 p. Orbit. 2009. Language: R (75 swears, 15 “f”); Sexual Content: R (described sex). 20-something Jane True doesn’t fit into society in her tiny hometown of Rockbill, Maine, especially since the death of her fiancée a few years earlier. But no one, nit even Jane, really knows how much different Jane actually is, because from her mother’s side Jane is only half-human. And someone is out to kill half-humans and Jane has just entered the hit list. Only with the intervention of Rockbill’s other otherworldlies will Jane be able to solve the mystery and save her own life. This book is definitely for adults, not for schools. Lots of fun, great twist on the detective novel. PUBLIC ONLY. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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