Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Demon King by Cinda Chima

Chima, Cinda Williams The Demon King, 506 p. Disney Hyperion, 209. $17.99. Content: G. Han and his friend Dancer confront a group of juvenile wizards, who are burning down the boys’ forest home indiscriminately, and Han becomes the owner of a very dangerous wizard’s charm. Raisa, the princess heir has lived in freedom for three years among her trader father’s people and now she back among court rules and court traditions and is feeling hemmed in and controlled. These two young people have intertwined destinies – destinies that must be fulfilled in order to not only save their lives, but to control the fate of their country. Chima has turned her fantasy skills to more traditional fantasy world-building and created a wonderful realm for us to visit. This is as good as any YA fantasy world I have ever read and will not disappoint fans of the Heir series. MS, HS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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