Friday, November 27, 2009

The Crown of Earth by Hilari Bell

Bell, Hilari The Crown of Earth, 260pgs. Simon and Schuster. Sexual Content: G, Violence: PG, Language: G. Weasel, Prince Edoran’s most trusted friend, has been captured in his place. Edoran escapes the palace in a desperate attempt to save his best friend from possible death. One thing he does not know is that he is in for a whirlwind of discovery. Never once leaving the palace, Edoran feels what it is like to be a common worker. Can Edoran survive the reality of the common worker to save his best friend? Read the exciting conclusion to the trilogy to find out! The Crown of Earth was the perfect end. It was action packed and at times, suspenseful. If you haven’t read this trilogy, I recommend doing so if like action and fantasy in one great bundle. EL, MS--ESSENTIAL. Student reviewer: CW

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