Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler

Hepler, Heather Cupcake Queen, 242 pgs. Penguin Group, 2009. Language-G (no swears), Sexual Content-G; Violence-G ; Penny just moved to Hog's Hollow and so far hates it. She went to a birthday party for some girl named Charity and knew that her and Charity would never be good friends.At school, it just got worse. Charity stuffed pennies in Penny's locker, to make fun of her name.Then she put a dead fish in Penny's locker. How did this all start? Read this book to find out. I found this book pretty boring. The story line is horrible and the events are so unrealistic. It was poorly written with no description of anything. I didn't like it at all. EL, MS- NO. Reviewer: AS


Bookworm said...

Oh, no! It looked so cute. Sorry it was a stinker. ):

Jamie said...

I read this boook and thought it was like, amazing. greaat book.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Thanks Jamie - Could you tell us a little about why you liked it? I would love to hear another opinion!