Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Pen Pal by Heather Frederick

Frederick, Heather Vogel Dear Pen Pal, 406 p. Simon and Schuster, 2009. $15.99.

Content: G.

The girls of the Mother-Daughter book club and in for some big changes and surprises along with their new year of reading. This time the book of choice is “Daddy Long-Legs” about an orphan who has a secret benefactor who sends her off to boarding school. The plot of the book echoes the circumstances of the girls, as one of them receive a scholarship to a local boarding school and gets pitted against a snobby roommate. Plus, all of the girls become pen pals with a group of girls from a tiny Wyoming town.

Sweet without being saccharine, the girls in the club are hitting their stride, and so is Frederick’s writing. The girls’ voice are becoming clear and the shift in focus from chapter to chapter is not as distracting. If you are looking for squeaky clean fiction, this one is a best bet.

MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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Bookworm said...

I love this series. This one's waiting on my shelf and I can't wait to begin!