Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon - ESSENTIAL

Varon, Sara, Robot Dreams, 208 pgs. GRAPHIC NOVEL. First Second



We all have dreams, things we want to become, strive to do, or want to try. Who would’ve thought that robots do too? In her newest book, author/illustrator Sara Varon tells the story of a dog and his robot. This wordless story begins with the dog sending in a mail order form for a robot. When the robot arrives, Dog quickly assembles it and they immediately go to the municipal library where they check out a movie starring robots. The next day, after returning the movie to the library like good library patrons, Dog checks out a book on dog beaches and the two set off for a day at the beach. This adventure turns out disastrous for Robot who, after spending time in the salty sea water, stiffens up and cannot move. Dog not knowing what to do, leaves Robot on the beach. Robot unable to do anything but think begins to dream of what the day could’ve been if he had not gone into the water, end of chapter one.

Varon continues the story for several more chapters alternating between what is happening to Robot and what is happening to Dog. It is a sweet story that will resonate with kids at several different levels. This would be an excellent choice as an introduction to graphic novels for younger audiences

Allison Madsen~Youth Services Librarian-SJO Public Librarian

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