Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be Mine by Sabrina James - ESSENTIAL

James, Sabrina Be Mine, 328 p. Point (Scholastic), January 2009.

Rating - G.


North Ridge High has decided to have a Valentine's Day contest - who is the most romantic couple in all NRHS? Mean Girl Claudia is sure that she and her Dumb Jock boyfriend Chase have the whole thing in the bag. Claudia's sidekicks, Eden and Natalie, however, are having not only boy problems, but are seriously questioning their loyalty to their "leader". Meanwhile, Jessica, Claudia's arch-enemy, has to produce a boyfriend out of thin air, because of an impetuous remark she made to Claudia. She picks the school heartbreaker as her prospective date; is it even possible to tame him long enough to be a pretend boyfriend?

Ms. James has written another hilarious, but oh-so-true, look at the foibles of high school relationships.

Cindy - Library-Teacher

FYI: I couldn't find a cover shot of this title. It is a great, very pink cover, perfect for Valentine's Day displays!

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