Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff

Adoff, Jaime The Death of Jayson Porter, 259 p. Hyperion, 2008. Language - R (100+ swears, including 20+ "f's"); Sexual Content - PG-13; Violence - PG-13 (abuse). Jayson Porter has a love-hate relationship with his mother and a love-hate relationship with life. Living in the projects is disheartening and enervating. His only outs are his best friend Trax and his scholarship to a local private school (paid for by a friend of his mom). Mom is either drunk or high and Jayson never knows if she is going to hug him or hit him. When Trax dies, Jayson is ready to give up too, especially when his estranged father drops a huge bombshell - a secret so devastating that Jayson is willing to launch himself over the railing of his building. This is not the end. I have so little life experience with this aspect of life that I can't judge it on its realism. Its seems like the first part is very true to life for a young man in such a life, just barely able to hang on. My gripe is with the copious amounts of swears and the sexual content. This alone makes it inappropriate for every school that I can think of. NO. Cindy - Library-Teacher


readon500 said...

Actually, because of the importance of the subject matter, and it's true to life depictions, it's my understanding that "The Death of Jayson Porter" is being widely read & used in many schools all across the country. I didn't think there were copious amounts of swears or sexual content.
Here's what VOYA had to say in a recent 5Q review:
"Adoff delivers fully and with a surprising-but credible-upbeat denouement . . . Boys will find this book to be true and gripping, but it also needs to be read by others, including youth librarians looking for insight as well as excellent writing. It is a natural for discussion groups, but its powerful authenticity needs no intermediary to speak directly to the Jaysons of our time and their friends."-VOYA

Cindy Mitchell said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Even differeing opinions are welcome here, as long as they stay polite. PLease chime in again.