Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mousetraps by Pat Schmatz - NO

Schmatz, Pat Mousetraps, 191 p. Carolrhoda (Lerner), 2008.

Language: R (30+, four "f"), Violence : R; Sexual Content: R; Drug Use: PG-13.


Maxie Hawke hasn't seen Roddy Nash for three years - since the disastrous occurrences of 7th grade. Now he is back and Maxie finds herself missing their old friendship, but still reluctant to engage herself with Rick, as he's know calling himself, emotionally. Those terrible times come flooding back, in the actions and taunts of the students around Rick and while Maxie wants to stay out of it, she also realizes she owes Rick for the friendship that they used to have.

Because of its mature themes, Mousetraps is best suited for the mature high school students or for the public library's collection. It is the kind of book that most kids need to read - tolerance for GLBT teens, bullying based on looks, drug use as an escape from reality. It is extremely well-written, but the drawings make the kids in the novel look younger than they are, giving the book a middle school look, without the accompanying middle school appropriateness. Even though there were a couple of harsh reminiscences in the beginning, I held out hope, until the "f's" started appearing.

Cindy - Library-Teacher.
As a school librarian, you need to know that the book describes a scene where Rick was raped with a broom handle and had his testicles ripped.

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