Thursday, October 30, 2008

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass - NO

Mass, Wendy Every Soul a Star, 322 p. Little, Brown, 2008.

Content: G.


Ally has lived most of her life on a distant campground with her family, surround by the beauty of nature and of the stars, but she doesn't kow that her family is selling the campground and moving to the city. Bree lives in a family immersed in studying the stars, but has filled her life with fashion, popularity and spends her time trying to look good; she is stunned to find out that her family is buying the Moon Shadow campground and moving away from all things civilized for several years. Jack has pretty much no one for a friend and either has to take summer school to make up the classes he failed, or he can accompany his science teacher on a trip to the Moon Shadow campground to view a solar eclipse. All three will meet up at Moon Shadow and will learn some important lessons about life and about themselves.

As good as I seemed to have made this novel sound, its biggest downfall is that the story doesn't start rolling until 200 pages in- that is not good. If I weren't reading this for a review, I would have put it down 150 pages earlier. Each main character makes a profound change in themselves, but it comes so late that the reader will give up much earlier. Remember Criss Cross? Can you actually find a kid who found the book on their own and said they loved it? Exactly!

Cindy, Library-Teacher

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