Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke - ESSENTIAL

Funke, Cornelia Inkdeath, 704pgs. Scholastic, 2008.

Language: PG-13, Sexual Content: G, Violence: PG


A bookbinder or the Bluejay? Mo has taken on the role of the Bluejay; defending the people and battling by the Black Prince. The Adderhead was made immortal by the Bluejay, yet his health is failing him. Blaming the Bluejay, he sets a price on his head. He wants the Whitebook to be restored by the Bluejay. While the Adderhead's health was declining, so was the book's. Will the Bluejay chirp his last chirp or will the Adderhead finally die?

An exciting conclusion to the Inkheart trilogy! If you loved the first two books, you can't miss this one! Brilliant and perfect for the last book!

Student Reviewer: CW

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