Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Debs by Susan McBride - NO

McBride, Susan The Debs, 246 p. Random House, 2008.

Language - R (85+ swears); Sexual Content - PG-13.


Ten lucky girls are chosen each year to join the Rosebuds, an exclusive group of Texas debutantes, who may become members of the elite Glass Slipper Club. But neither nomination nor election is assured, even if you are the daughter of a GSC member. Four of this year's crop of potentials have it out for each other.

Backstabbing and sabotage are a way of life and an art form for this diverse bunch of spoiled prima donnas. Too much swearing for me, but if your school loves the IT girls or Private series, they will probably like this too.

Cindy, Library-Teacher.


Anonymous said...

Booklist review of The Debs by Susan McBride:

In the weeks before their senior year in high school, three friends from a posh section of Houston reunite after summer travels. Though they may not always live by their chosen code, “No secrets,” they support each other through good and bad choices about good, bad, and hard-to-figure boyfriends, and they obsess about the question dominating their young lives: will they be chosen as debutantes? Proof that chick-lit thrives outside Manhattan and London, the novel features three well-heeled, semi-sophisticated young women (and a bitchy classmate as their nemesis), includes suggestive but not too graphic sex scenes, and repeatedly drops the names of clothing and car brands as well as celebrities. Laura, Mac, and Ginger are sympathetic individuals with their own back stories, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Though at the beginning, readers may have trouble keeping the three characters straight, those who persevere will find the effort enjoyable and will look forward to the sequels (and debutant events) to come.
— Carolyn Phelan

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hey - thanks for the Booklist review. We love other opinions!