Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ghost Letters by Stephen Alter - OPTIONAL

Alter, Stephen Ghost Letters, 227 p. Bloomsbury, 2008.


Gil has been kicked out of his boarding school and sent to live in a big, creepy house with his grandfather until his parents can figure out what to so with him. Gil meets Nargis, a girl from India, and they stumble immediately upon a peculiar mystery that involves a bony hand that appears when it wants to, a ghostly postman who delivers dead letters and a beautiful blue glass bottle that instantly exchanges messages between Gil and Sikander, a boy who "lives" in India 100 years before Gil's present day. Sikandar needs Gil's help, but what can Gil do from the future? The whole plot revolves around three very important letters.

Did I mention the genie? Creepy and a romp, suspension of disbelief is definitely necessary to enjoy this light-hearted read.

Cindy, Library-Teacher

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