Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ridiculous/Hilarious/Terrible/Cool: A Year in American High School by Elisha Cooper - ADVISABLE

Cooper, Elisha Ridiculous/ Hilarious/ Terrible/ Cool- A Year in American High School, Pages:255. Dial Books (Penguin)

Language: PG 13, Sexual Content: PG, Violence: PG;


Elisha Cooper always was interested in High School, the fun, the laughs, the cramming, the drama… Everything. That is why he went down to Walter Payton High School in Chicago. He went and documented eight different kids on their whole year of high school. Daniel, Emily, Maya, Diana, Anais, Aisha, Anthony, and Zef told Elisha everything, and made this book what it is, made it interesting and fun to read, but also life opening at times too. Elisha Cooper wrote an amazing book. It's great for those students just starting high school or those students leaving, and even those who have long ago left and just want a peek at what it used to be like.

Student Reviewer: AN

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