Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane by Terry Trueman - OPTIONAL

Trueman, Terry Hurricane, 144 p. HarperCollins, 2008.

Language - PG


Back in 1998, a killer hurricane struck the country of Honduras and wreaked havoc up and down the coast and further inland than the people have ever seen. José and his family live in a tiny village and disaster is about the strike. How many people in their village will be alive by morning and how will they be able to survive the next few days, let alone rebuild.

As poignant as José's plight is, I can only hope that America kids will respond to his world, even if it is so different from what they know. There are a handful of swears, but it all fits together. This would be a good read-aloud option if you need something short. I especially liked the speedy response from the Honduran government - it's a nice contrast to the after math of Hurricane Katrina.

Cindy, Library-Teacher

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