Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between by Elizabeth Atkinson - ADVISABLE

Atkinson, Elizabeth From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between, pgs. 247. Carolrhoda Books.

Language- G; Sexual Content- G; Violence- G;


Alice is a teen who loves sports. She just moved in to a new neighborhood and she goes exploring. She meets this boy. His name is Zen. He would rather read fashion magazines then play sports. They both go to the same school and Zen helps Alice become popular. Alice realizes that popularity isn't everything. Alice encourages Zen to sing in the talent show. Zen and Alice both become unpopular but they still have friends.

I liked this book because the author did a great job of enhancing the characters. They didn't seem fake. They were realistic in a way.

Student Reviewer: SH

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elizabeth atkinson said...

thanks so much for the nice review!! i've received messages from kids all over the country saying they relate to the characters and situations...and many want to know what happens to Alice and Zen next, hmmm. FREKE FAMILY REUNION (also quirky & funny) should be out late next year:)
happy reading, ea