Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blown Away! by Joan Hiatt Harlow - ESSENTIAL

Harlow, Joan Hiatt Blown Away! 248 pgs. Margaret K. McElderry.

Content - G


Jake, who lives in Islamorada, an island off the coast of Florida, gets to go with an eccentric fisherman on a trip to Key West, and they become fast friends. A new girl moves onto the island as well, and Jake befriends her. A hurricane is coming toward their island. It's going to be an exciting, scary summer for them all.

This book was very good. I thought it was simple in some ways, but in others, it was very deep. There was a lot of description in it that made you feel like you were really there, and you got to know and love the characters. This book was extremely well written. This book shows the dangers and horror of hurricanes very well, without being graphic or anything like that.

Student Reviewer - RG

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