Friday, September 19, 2008

The Final Warning by James Patterson - ADVISABLE

Patterson, James The Final Warning, 256 p. Little, Brown, 2008.


Max and her flock have defeated Itex's evil plans, but there are other enemies out there. The American government offers the flock a place to be, but the kids don't like the hidden costs. Instead, they head off to Antarctica to work with a group of scientists who are documenting the effects of global warming. But danger stalks the flock and enemies, both robotic and human are just waiting for them to make a mistake and put themselves under their power.

Warnings about global warming and environmental responsibility seem to be de rigueur nowadays, but that message is much clearer and vital than the ineffective villain in Patterson's number four entry in the series. I still love reading the antics of Max and her flock. If there is another one, I hope that Patterson takes the time strengthen all parts of the plot!

Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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