Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lizard Love by Wendy Townsend - ESSENTIAL

Townsend, Wendy Lizard Love; Pages: 196; Publisher: Front Street Books

Language: PG; Sexual Content: PG 13 (Men around town start to notice her growing womanly body and look and say things she does not like. There is also some animal mating that is described but only once.) Violence: PG;


Gracie lives in the wonderful place of Mooresville where nature surrounds her, she gets to love her pet toad, and be free with her grandparents and with nature itself. But her life soon changes when she and her mother move to New York City where there is no nature that she loves so much. She doesn't fit in at school because of the way she dresses and how crazy she is about reptiles. But one faithful day she comes across Fang & Claw, a reptile pet shop. There she meets Walter a boy her age, his dad Pops, and the iguana Spots. She begins to love it there and spends all of her free time at Fang & Claw. All at the same time she is beginning to become and woman and hates every step and sign of the way. When she heads down to Mooresville and finds it has changed so much she finally realizes she now has to accept who she is and deal with it.

An amazing book, I was hooked from the very beginning. Even for people like me who don't like snakes and lizards and such this book was still so amazing. Perfect for a teenager who is starting to become a young woman. Fantastic book.

Student Reviewer: AN

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