Monday, September 22, 2008

11,000 Years Lost by Peni R. Griffin - OPTIONAL

Griffin, Peni R. 11,000 Years Lost, 336 pgs. Harry N. Abrams

Language~G, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PG


Finding an arrow-head is always exciting, but what if you found one that was 11,000 years old? Esther discovered a Clovis arrowhead that has been buried since the Ice Age. Archeologists come to dig around the site to see what else can be found. While observing the archeologist work, Esther sees some odd looking girls playing in the distance. She goes over to investigate and her world changes. A portal back to the Ice Age has opened and Esther unknowingly walked through it. Now she is 11,000 years in the past! The mysterious girls, belong to a nomadic tribe and when Esther shows up they say she has come from the stars and is a ‘special/magical’ being that bestows luck upon all she touches. She becomes friends with the two girls and is adopted into their family. Unable to find a way home, Esther struggles learn the nomadic language and the ways of the nomads. Esther begins to fear that she will never get back home.

Descriptions of the nomadic way of life and its dangers are very interesting and the hunt for the mammoths exciting. The cover is slightly dull, therefore consider reading this story aloud.

Allison Madsen~Youth Services Librarian-SJO Public Librarian

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