Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lucky Place by Zu Vincent - ESSENTIAL

Vincent, Zu The Lucky Place, Pages: 230; Publisher: Front Street Books

Language: PG 13; Sexual Content: PG; Violence: PG;


Cassie is three years old when her mom and dad start to fall apart. Her father drinks way too much and even forgot her at the races. Her mother, her brother Jamie, and Cassie soon end up leaving her father and finding her New Dad. They live in The Lucky Place; well that's what her mother calls it. Cassie loves her new dad but her brother Jamie does not. He always wants to run back down to her Old Dad. When tragedy hits with her New Dad and Mom Cassie and Jamie begin to finally understand and love again.

Shows the challenges that children face when their parents get divorced and remarry. It was interesting for me to see the divorce from Cassie's little three year old eyes and then again as she grows up to a teenager. The Lucky Place really shows everyone exactly how hard it can be to have an Old Dad and a New Dad and having to think you have to choose between them. Great book, and eye opener for sure. I would recommend parents to read this book to their children if they have to go through the same thing, also for Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and adults to read this book also. This book is for everyone at every age.
Student Reviewer: AN

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