Friday, April 24, 2020

Sisterland by Salla Simukka - ADVISABLE

Sisterland by Salla Simukka, 192 pages. Crown Books (Random), 2019. $17              

Content: G



Alice lives in a world that is full of ice, snow and bitter cold. One day she falls through the snow into a land of summer, warmth and beauty. She meets her best friend, Marissa, there and they do everything together. They love all the different flowers, trees and creatures they meet. The land is called Sisterland. They learn that although it summer and nice in Sisterland the price for that is paid by Earth, where it is eternal winter and cold. Alice and Marissa set out on a quest to set things right. They need to find the evil queen Lili and convince her to make things right on Earth. However, the longer they stay in Sisterland, the less they remember of their life on Earth. Will they remember what they are fighting for so they can save Earth and get back to their families?    

If you like Alice in Wonderland, you will love this cute fantasy story. Alice and Marissa have a wonderful friendship in Sisterland. This was and easy read and students that like fantasy will really like this book.        

Ellen-Anita, Librarian

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