Thursday, April 30, 2020

Lily the Thief by Janne Kukkonen - ADVISABLE

Lily the Thief (Lily the Thief, #1) by Janne Kukkonen, 280 pages.  GRAPHIC NOVEL  First Second (Roaring Brook), 2019.  $15.  

Content: Language: PG (4 swears); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG-13.  



Lily is a thief and she wants to be given an exciting thieving job by the guild, but they keep seeing her as only a child. In an attempt to further her career as a thief, she steals a missive that has a job to steal a vase.  When she steals the vase, she finds herself in trouble with the guild, the government, her mentor, and the dead. Lily has to use her ability to sneak in and out of trouble to get herself out of this monumental mess.  

I’m torn on my recommendation for this graphic novel for a few reasons.  I loved the artwork and Lily’s a great character with exciting adventures.  The plot moves along perfectly with good twists.  My issue is the question of what is the appropriate age group? Lily looks like a young 10yo but there is a lot of blood and fighting depicted which is upsetting, making it too violent for an elementary school. The content also includes fighting with zombie-like ghosts and a surprising murder. Lily seems young so I’m not sure if middle school readers will find her relatable, but I think they would enjoy the story line.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson     

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