Saturday, April 25, 2020

Draw a Comic! by JP Coovert - ESSENTIAL

Draw a Comic! (Maker Comics) by JP Coovert, 123 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL, ACTIVITY BOOK First Second, 2019. $13.

Content: G. 



A DIY Guide to drawing Comic, there is a story-line. You have been given an internship to work with Maggie building her grandpa's library of comics, and along the way, Maggie will teach you how to create comics yourself. Also, there's a villain, Dr. Carl Stephens, who has acquired the lease of the building from the bank and wants to tear it down. Good thing Maggie has a piece of a treasure map from her grandfather - maybe you can help her follow the clues and Save the comics library. Maggie gives step by step instructions on drawing panels, using details to show the story, how to use captions, and writing a script; you visit an art supply star to learn about all the best pencils, erasers and pens and. how to take care of them, and so much more.

The kids are going to love this! The instructions are perfect - simple and precise. The story is engaging, but most of all it keeps the reader going through all the different steps to making a comic. It's not one you will have to worry about the kids writing in - each of the projects start with a blank piece of paper. I love that maggie has the reader draw their own panels and talks about layout and design and everything. This will definitely be popular.

Lisa Librarian

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