Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dreams Come to Life by Adrienne Kress - HIGH

Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content G; Violence: PG



Buddy is a 17-year old who has grown up in the slums of New York City just after WWII.  A chance meeting with Mister Joey Drew, the director of an animation studio, gives Buddy a dream job as a gopher at the studio, with the chance of drawing as well.  The studio is known for Bendy, an ink drawn cartoon character.  However, something at the studio is eerily wrong.  As Joey runs errands deep into the studio, he notices a darkness that seems to come alive and leave trails of thick, dark, ink.  Joey meets up with Dot, a writing intern who believes in him enough to help investigate.  As Mr. Drew likes to say, “Dreams do come true,” but whose dreams and at what cost? 

This is a creepy book based off a computer game.  Joey tells this story from a future date looking back, which helps with the tension.  Joey is a great narrator and the studio makes for an appropriately dark setting.  The time frame makes the premise seem more believable and even the dripping ink graphics that begin each chapter add to the tone.  The ending wraps enough for closure, but there’s got to be a sequel in the works.  Sign me up as Bendy goes to the dark side. 

Michelle in the Middle

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