Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse - ESSENTIAL

Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse, 298 pages. Disney Hyperion, 2019.  $17. Content: Language: PG (2 swears); Mature Content G; Violence: PG.  



Nizhoni is a 7th grader who has always wanted to be the hero, but mostly she just finds herself in trouble.  She knows she can see monsters, even when others can’t seem them, but the monsters haven’t given her any trouble until one shows up at her middle school basketball game.  Nizhoni quickly pieces together that the monster is using her father as bait in an attempt to destroy her powers.  Nizhoni gathers her best friend, Davery, and her little brother, Mac, to go on a quest on the rainbow road to the sun to protect her family and to understand her powers.  

If your readers like Lightening Thief, they will enjoy this fun journey with Nizhoni.  I loved the Navajo legends and all the people who help along the way.  Nizhoni is an adorable character and the quest was exciting, creative and fun.  The content includes a fight and threats on her life.  I hope there is more to come with these characters, but this book can stand on its own.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson

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