Monday, April 27, 2020

Short & Skinny by Mark Tatulli - ESSENTIAL

Short & Skinny by Mark Tatulli, 249 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL Little, Brown and Company, 2018. $25.

Content: G. 



Mark is a short and skinny 7th grader. This makes him the perfect target for bullies, and overlooked by most of the girls. He really likes Lisa Gorman but his self confidence is keeping him from letting her know. While reading a comic book, he see an ad for a "get-big and strong quick" plan, so he subscribes. In the meantime - it's 1977 and he sees Star Wars - what better way to spend the summer than by making a parody of the hottest movie - that'll build his confidence! 

Tatulli's graphic novel memoir about the summer between 7th and 8th grade tells a timeless story. It is a great graphic novel. Nostalgic like Roller Girl and Real Friends but this is about a boy, I really loved it - the references to drive in movies, 7-11, Slurpees and a Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat - took me right back. I hope my readers have enough context about the 70s to appreciate this as much as I did.

Lisa Librarian

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