Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life - ADVISABLE

The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life. GIFT BOOK. Imprint (Macmillan), 2018. $16. 9781250143419.


In this small volume, Cookie Monster offers readers his classic wisdom which always incorporates cookies. Each page offers something like, "Keep calm and eat cookies" or another small bit of insight from the cookie-loving monster we all love. There are also a few recipes included so you can make cookies just like Cookie Monster loves! Its a quick read and can be consumed in one short sitting. 

This is a gift book at its finest--and a great idea for cookie lovers! I'm an unabashed cookie fanatic so this was a big hit with me. The color scheme is super simple, the shape of the book--featuring a big bite out of the top corner--is fun, and there is not much to complain about unless you are wanting more substance. There is little here beyond the "thoughts" of a big blue muppet who loves cookies so its pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Overall, a fun book for the cookie fans in your life but not an essential read for school libraries. 

Reviewer: TC

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