Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Grandfather’s War by Glyn Harper - ESSENTIAL

My Grandfather’s War by Glyn Harper, illustrated by Jenny Cooper.  PICTURE BOOK.  EK (Exisle), 2018.  $18.  9781775592990



Jenny knows that her grandfather limps because he was hurt during the Vietnam War, but her father told her not to ask him about it and there are no books about it in her school library.  One day she decides to ask him anyway, so she takes a deep breath and begins.

The Vietnam War is virtually unrepresented in picture books.  Rolling Thunder by Kate Messner talks about going to visit the Memorial and Maya Lin by Jeanne Walker Harvey talks about building the Memorial.  I’ve love to hear about others.  So this is the first picture book that I know of that actually discusses a little bit about what being in the war was like.  Harper deftly handles sensitive topics without glorifying or unduly horrifying young readers.  Harper’s voice is spot on for his intended audience.  It also shows a young person having the courage to address a problem with someone they love.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian

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