Thursday, June 21, 2018

Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present, and Future - ADVISABLE

Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present, and Future, by Mairghread Scott, illustrated by Jacob Chabot.  121 pages. NON-FICTION/GRAPHIC NOVEL First Second (Roaring Brook Press), 2018. $13. 
Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.  
This is an interesting explanation about robots and their history.  A robotic bird takes the reader on a tour of how robots have historically evolved.  Then there is an explanation of what composes a robot.  The ethics of robots and where they will fit in our future is covered as well.  At the end there is a four page glossary with definitions as well as 25 robots that are well known.  
I usually really like the Science Comic graphic novels, but I didn’t enjoy this one as well.  I felt like it briefed over subjects that I thought were interesting like military drones, but spent a lot of time on the make-up of robots.  That said the explanations were basic and made complicated ideas easy to understand.  The illustrations were well done and helped with the text explanations. I think most kids understand a lot about drones and robots already, so either that will draw them to this book or they will feel like they already know the information and be bored.  
C. Peterson

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