Monday, June 11, 2018

Journeys: Tales of Travel and Trailblazers by Jonathan Litton - OPTIONAL

Litton, Jonathan Journeys: Tales of Travel and Trailblazers, 96 pages.  Illustrated by Chris Chalik, Dave Shephard, Jon Davis and Leo Hartas.  NON-FICTION 360 Degrees (Tiger Imprint), 2018. $25 9781944530136 
This book is about the different kinds of journeys that humans make on this planet.  The book is broken into four different sections: water, land, ice/snow and man/machine.  Each page spread is a different explanation about an exploration that took place in that type of landscape. or mode of transport.  A small history is given and the people involved is accompanied by an illustration. 
The illustrations in this book are fantastic and make you feel like you are looking through a book of old discoveries.  The information left me wanting more, especially more maps.  There was just enough facts to make me curious, but it also left me feeling dissatisfied.  It is a simple summary which could have been better if it had one wow fact. I’m not sure what kid would slog through this book.  It is oversized and feels like a coffee book. 
EL, MS – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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