Monday, October 15, 2012

Universe: Journey into Deep Space by Dr. Mike Goldsmith –OPTIONAL

Goldsmith, Mike  Universe: Journey into Deep Space 48 pgs. Kingfisher, 2012. $12.95.  (Rating: G)
With a focus on traveling further away from earth, this book provides imagery that shows what different distant landscapes are theorized to look like. It provides large bright detailed images with a short summary. For example a Star Nursery that is 1,340 light years away: this page provides a giant swirling pink image of stars and a description. More details are provided in the back of the book, such as maps of the universe.
At first, when I was looking at the pages on Mars, I thought they were actual photographs, but as I continued through the book I realized they were computer generated art. I think younger students will be really confused by this lack of clarity/specificity. A lot of dinosaur books mention that they are guessing on the skin/feather coloring and I didn't feel like that concept of guesswork was clear here. There wasn't a ton of concrete information for students, so I am optional on this one. Its pretty but not that practical.
ELEMENTARY–OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.

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