Monday, October 15, 2012

Sophia’s War by Avi - ESSENTIAL

Avi Sophia’s War: A Tale of the Revolution, 300 p. Beach Lane (Simon), 2012.  $17.  Violence: PG.  

In 1776, as Sophia and her mother walk back to their New York City home, they witness the hanging of Nathan Hale, a sight that change’s Sophia, 12, permanently.  Over the course of the war her family is forced to house British officers, but the one who affects Sophia profoundly is the first, John Andre, who had a chance to help Sophia save her brother, but didn’t, because she is only a little girl, he says.  Later, when Sophia begins to actively spy for the rebels, she finds some information about John Andre that could change the course of the war and she knows that her personal oaths are binding, so she will do whatever it takes to bring him and his plots down.  

Loved it!  I could wish that there were a few more historical fiction books for kids with male main characters, but I can’t dispute Avi’s fine research and evocative writing!  

MS – ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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