Thursday, March 29, 2012

Orcs -Forged for War by Stan Nicolls and Joe Flood– OPTIONAL

Nicolls, Stan and Flood, Joe Orcs -Forged for War 208 pgs. First Second, 2011. $13.49. (Language-PG Violence-PG-13; Sexual Content-PG-13 nudity).
Humans are a new race to the land of Maras-Dantia, and they want to take over. They fight against all of the elder races. There is in-fighting in both groups. This graphic novel follows an elite team of Orcs, under the ultimate leadership of a sorceress named Jennesta. She sends them out on missions that they don’t always agree with. For their latest mission they must guard a group of Goblins, which they don’t like at all.
This book sort of has a complex plot, which is compounded by confusing artwork. The characters all have a similar look –so I was constantly confusing goblins with human with orcs. In the end I was unsure of some of plots twists. I half wondered if I was just not paying careful attention, but came to the conclusion that the plot wasn’t interesting enough for me to care. I think students might be drawn to this battle filled epic, but school libraries won’t enjoy the topless women.
MS, HS– OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate & Author.

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